Get to know our artists!

Get to know our artists!

We are thrilled to present a collection of captivating interviews with talented artists who are part of our international group show titled 'Nature In The Digital Age.' Through these insightful conversations, we delve into the minds of these artists, exploring their unique perspectives and creative processes. These interviews offer a glimpse into the innovative ways in which the selected artists are interpreting and reimagining nature in the context of our digital world.


Derrick Schultz 


Discover how artist Derrick Schultz combines his artistic vision with machine learning techniques in this insightful interview. Learn about his creative process, use of mixed materials, and the challenges and opportunities he encounters in creating art through machine learning. Explore upcoming projects and gain valuable insights for artists interested in incorporating algorithmic tools into their practice. READ HERE



Erin McGean


Dive into the creative world of artist Erin McGean as she discusses her artistic process, influences, and motivations. Discover how she challenges traditional representations of women in art through collage, employing techniques such as subtle manipulations and bold juxtapositions. Explore the significance of physical and digital exhibition spaces and the broader impact of her work on gender, representation, and recontextualization. READ HERE


Jonathan McCabe


Discover the world of generative art through the insights of artist Jonathan McCabe in this interview. Explore his journey as an artist influenced by fractals and cellular automata, and his thoughts on the role of the artist and software in computer art. Learn about the creative process of generative art, the tools and software used, and the fascination with digital art. Gain valuable advice for aspiring artists entering the field of generative art. READ HERE





In this interview, the artist, Sonarpiot, discusses his typical day in the studio, his creative process, sources of inspiration, the importance of physical gallery spaces for digital art, and the differences between working as an electronic musician and a visual artist. He also talks about his aim to evoke wonder and awe in the audience, his fascination with nature, and his ongoing project called "The Mirage Project" which explores the intersection between nature and the digital realm. Sonarpilot shares challenges in translating natural elements into a digital format and envisions the future of digital art and its potential impact on society. READ HERE





Numbersinmotion, a generative artist, shares his insights into his creative process and inspirations. He emphasises the significance of mathematical and computational concepts in his work, highlighting the influence of his time at the School of Poetic Computation. By integrating programming language like Procession, he has found a unique way to convey his ideas and evoke curiosity in his audience. READ HERE



Anna Condo


Anna Condo is an Armenian, French, American artist, filmmaker, photographer.  She lives and works in New York.
Condo discloses beauty in the subtlest gradations of colour and contrast, drama in the most delicate nuances of texture and tone, and wisdom in an ever-fluid interplay between fragility and strength. Her work is at once a revelation of and an invitation into a world of singular enchantment—a world the viewer will be unable to forget and most unwilling to leave.
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