10 Digital Artists To Look Out For

10 Digital Artists To Look Out For

This blog post serves as a source of inspiration and an introductory overview to the world of digital art. Within this single publication, we have curated a selection of ten highly talented and renowned digital artists from diverse backgrounds, each working in distinct styles and residing in different countries. These artists specialise in various genres, including photography, artificial intelligence, 3D art, generative art, digital painting, and more. What unites these individuals is the profound impact of their creativity and their unparalleled expression of modern digital art. These ten individuals stand as a testament to the boundless creativity flourishing all around us, shaping the future of the digital art scene like never before.


Kim Rose is an up-and-coming modern minimalist artist who currently resides in Los Angeles, CA. Her grand paintings, known for their fluid, marble-like finesse, are making waves in the art industry. With a decade of mastery in her chosen mediums, Kim intricately weaves 3-dimensional elements and elegant 24k gold accents, infusing her creations with a rich tapestry of textures and opulence. 

This captivating interplay has garnered worldwide acclaim, with her sought-after art pieces vanishing within seconds during exclusive drops. Her work pays homage to the beauty of nature, seamlessly fusing oceanic inspirations and classical techniques with a contemporary touch. Kim Rose represents the new wave in the art world, a rising artist captivating enthusiasts with her creative vision that promises an exciting trajectory.




Afroscope, also known as Nana Isaac Akwasi Opoku, is an artist and designer from Ghana. 

Rooted in diverse African worldviews, cosmogonies, and influenced by concepts like Yoruba Ashè, Nguni Bantu Ubuntu, and Akan Adinkra symbology, his work combines strong surrealist elements with afrofuturist undertones. Exploring questions of identity and origin, he challenges norms imposed by colonial influences, particularly in education, religion, and society. Afroscope’s art serves as a means to synthesise alternative modes of existence and contributes to the ongoing journey of decolonizing imagination and enhancing Afro-consciousness. His creations, featuring otherworldly beings and speculative dreamscapes, deconstruct normative reality, offering portals into a multiverse of cosmic play.

He has exhibited at the Venice Biennale, co-founded impactful ventures like Cocoa360, House of Stole, AI 4 Afrika, and Small Hype, and collaborated with influential entities such as Nubuke Foundation, Adobe Inc., Chance the Rapper, Amaarae, MTV, and more. 


Anna Condo, a filmmaker and photographer born in Armenia and raised in France, discovered her passion for the arts and fascination with the mysteries of the natural world from a young age. In 2013, she reignited her interest in photography, focusing on flowers as her ultimate muse. This choice provided a creative solo outlet, complementing the collaborative nature of her filmmaking. Contrary to the perception of flowers as naive, Anna's portraits of them exude strength, symbolising nature's resilience against the elements. Her work breaks conventions, portraying flowers as powerful, feminist symbols—as a cornucopia of culture, stories, and emotions. 

Anna discloses beauty in the subtlest gradations of colour and contrast, drama in the most delicate nuances of texture and tone, and wisdom in an ever-fluid interplay between fragility and strength. 



Roope Rainisto is a Finnish artist, designer, and photographer with a passion for storytelling. Rainisto’s work explores the boundaries between the real and the virtual, combining AI-generation procedures with traditional art methods, creating artworks that strive to invoke emotional impact in their viewers. Previous to his current art career, Rainisto had a prestigious 25-year career as a professional designer. He holds an M.Sc. degree in Information Networks from the Helsinki University of Technology.

His latest NFT collection LIFE IN WEST AMERICA ranks amongst one of the highest-valued AI art collections. He is also the winner of Claire Silver’s 2nd AI art contest.


Anna Dart, an award-winning multidisciplinary artist, seamlessly blends cultural, ecological, and social sustainability with new technology, bridging traditional art and the Metaverse. Since 2012, Anna has cultivated a distinctive minimalistic style in her paintings and AI art, and has continuously advocated for enhanced human connection in the digital age.

In a groundbreaking 2022 collaboration with The Fabricant, she transformed her original paintings into digital couture, creating a bridge between physical art and the digital realm. Recognized for her innovative approach, Anna received the 1st AI Art Claire Silver Award and was a Finalist at the NFT.NYC Award in the Best Traditional Artist Turned NFT Artist category in 2022, standing alongside luminaries like Takashi Murakami and Trevor Jones. Anna views her use of AI as a co-creation and commentary on the evolving nature of our world. She emphasises technology's growing influence on our experiences and identities, ushering us into a new era where collaboration with AI unveils higher levels of intelligence and profound understandings through shared neural networks.



Delphine Diallo is a Brooklyn-based French and Senegalese visual artist and photographer. She transitioned from music, graphic design, and artistic direction to photography after a pivotal encounter with North-American photographer Peter Beard. Delphine, challenging traditional perspectives on women's bodies in photography, strives to deconstruct its sexist and racist legacy. Since 2014, she has developed a visual language empowering women by portraying them as goddesses, adorned to honour the "divine female body." Delphine prioritises ethics in her practice, establishing long-term relationships and collaborations. Her work incorporates spiritual symbols, evoking mythology, and asserting black women's place in the pantheon, challenging and redefining portraiture's historical genre.

In recent years, Delphine has explored the potential of self-portraiture, turning mental images into carefully crafted mise-en-scène



Stephan Vasement is a second-wave AI artist based in Bangkok. The term “second-wave” refers to artists who surfaced alongside technological advancements like Stable Diffusion and Midjourney. These tools are revolutionary and changing the art world as we speak, continuously evolving and pushing the boundaries of artistic possibilities. Vasement began exploring this medium in June 2022.  With a background in screenwriting and street photographing, he delves into the realm of post-photography, actively exploring the potential of AI in creating dream-like visual narratives. Starting with a simple childhood in a snowy town, Vasement's artistic journey led him through photography, animation, and eventually to a profound engagement with AI. Inspired by Robert Bresson's films and Henri Cartier Bresson's photography, Vasement draws creative influence from the music of Marie Laforet and Françoise Hardy. 



Derrick Schultz is an artist and programmer. Artificial Images represent the post-AI art practice of Derrick Schultz, merging machine learning and computational techniques to explore generative abstraction and computational filmmaking. Derrick's artwork seamlessly connects contemporary technological trends with scientific theory, experimental film history, and the intersection of technology with climate change. His work, featured in prestigious publications like the New York Times and the New Yorker, extends to collaborations with major clients such as Sony and HP. Currently an adjunct professor at NYU's ITP program, Derrick instructs courses on AI Art and algorithmic filmmaking.


Numbersinmotion, also known as Matt Jacobson is a recreational mathematician, educator, and generative artist based in New York City. Working with algorithms and plotters his work focuses on mathematical aesthetics and how they can help us explore and expose the often obfuscated rules that guide the world around us.


Jonathan McCabe is a generative artist living in Canberra, Australia, particularly interested in theories of natural pattern formation and their application to art and design. He is inspired by the work of Alan Turing who hypothesised a process that leads to the spots and stripes seen in the natural world, including zebra and tropical fish stripes, and repeating structures like the vertebrae bones in the spine or the fingers of the hand. Jonathan is also influenced by modern theories of how the universe expanded from a tiny size into what we see today, with all its structure at multiple length scales, and how variation and selection in the natural world lead to a multiplicity of wondrous forms. Though his work is generated using a digital computer, he sees it as a homage to the natural world in that the processes involved are derived from observation and hypothesis of how the patterns in nature originate.

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