Adesola Yusuf

Instagram: @adesola.yusufff


Abdulrahman Adesola Yusuf (Arclight) is a multidimensional artist based in Lagos, Nigeria. His work is characterized by its vivid colors and intricate textures, often exploring themes of self-awareness, sociopolitic and nostalgia. Adesola incorporates a variety of techniques, including palette knifing, photography, spray paint, pastel, and collage, to create works that convey a range of emotions and memories. He aims to connect with viewers by evoking nostalgia and awareness with his use of year-specific pop iconography and popular style influences in his work.Overall, Adesola's work is a dynamic and emotive exploration of self-awareness and sociopolitical issues, utilizing a variety of techniques to create an ensemble that resonates with the viewer.

Meet Adesola

Explore an illuminating interview with Adesola as he delves into his multidimensional artistry, vivid colors, and diverse techniques. Uncover the fusion of self-awareness and sociopolitical themes that shape his work, and how Adesola's Lagos roots influence his artistic expression. Discover the captivating blend of nostalgia and modernity through pop iconography, and gain insight into his creative process and vision for sparking meaningful conversations.

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