TNG: Your art is described as multidimensional, characterized by vivid colors and intricate textures. How do these visual elements contribute to conveying the emotions and memories you seek to express in your work?

AY: Multidimensional in the sense that I work with different mediums, from photography to digital illustration to traditional painting, this is to allow me to be limitless in expressing myself along with the use of vivid colours to imbue enthralling chaos into the surreal scenes, the choice of colours and visual element & composition; they all work in tandem to convey the emotions & memories I put forth while creating.

TNG: Your exploration of self-awareness and sociopolitical themes is intriguing. Can you share with us some specific examples of how these themes have influenced and shaped your artistic journey?

AY: My art has always served as a journal where I express myself about how I interact with my environment and by so doing create a moment of introspection a room for me to unlearn & relearn by design if I interact with my environment it responds and that’s where the sociopolitical themes come in, socio-political and economic policies shape the culture which in turn shape the environment and the environment mould the people in it & the people mould the environment, in turn, creating the artist I am today. 

TNG: Your use of various techniques, such as palette knifing, photography, spray paint, pastel, and collage, is quite diverse. How do you decide which technique to employ in a particular piece, and how do these different methods contribute to the overall message of the artwork?

AY: These are all arbitrary, I just pick whatever I feel is right for the moment and run with it.

TNG: Your incorporation of year-specific pop iconography and popular style influences is an interesting approach to evoke nostalgia and awareness. Could you tell us more about your thought process behind using these elements and how they connect with viewers?

AY: Incorporating pop culture and nostalgia in art is a way to bridge the gap between the past, familiar and the new, creating a space for reflection, dialogue, and the exploration of sociopolitical issues in a way that resonates deeply with viewers.

TNG: Being based in Lagos, Nigeria, how has your environment and cultural background influenced your artistic expression and the themes you choose to explore in your artwork?

AY: I think the answer for the second question very much answers this too, to add my use of colours is heavily influenced by the chaotic Lagos scenes.

TNG: How do you hope your art will resonate with people on a personal level and spark conversations around self-awareness and sociopolitical issues?

AY: I want it to be met light-heartedly

TNG: Your art conveys a dynamic and emotive exploration of various themes. Can you take us through your creative process, from conceptualizing an idea to bringing it to life in your artistry? 

AY: From the ideation to a lot of browsing on Pinterest to establishing the medium to use, to putting references together, taking pictures putting them on Photoshop and fully fleshing out the idea, I then use my preferred medium to further my narrative or leave it as is.

TNG: In your view, what role does art play in addressing and raising awareness about sociopolitical issues? How do you see artists contributing to positive change and social discourse through their creative endeavours?

AY:  It serves as a powerful medium for artists to express their perspectives, challenge the status quo, and engage audiences on important matters. Artist can bridge the empathy gap by providing a window into the experiences and perspectives of individuals who might be different from the audience. This can foster understanding and compassion for people whose lives are impacted by these issues.

TNG: Looking forward, what directions or themes do you plan to explore in your future artworks?

AY: I look forward to expressing the state of being & also trying out new mediums & or tools