Aitana Basquiat

Instagram: @aitana_basquiat



Aitana Basquiat is a digital artist with a variety of skills and tools. Her works revolve around fields such as Digital Fashion, CGI Beauty Photography, Music, Videos and Editorials. Creating designs around each of these domains have made her a master at configuring digital renderings which jump out at the viewer with their trippy, yet life-like and tactile presences. She focuses mainly on 3D art, as she believes that it is the perfect medium to combine her various artistic disciplines. 

Aitana studied Art History and is currently working in Madrid. Her work has been included in several international exhibitions and events such as The Garden of Virtual Utopias - Art Night (London, 2017), Light Year 45: Post vision (Manhattan Bridge, New York, 2019) and Digital Art Exhibition Braw Haus x Ep7 (Paris, 2021), among others.