Companions Of Code

10 February - 24 February 2023

In partnership with VerticalCrypto Art we represent COMPANIONS OF CODE. This group exhibition showcases eleven international generative artists and seeks to examine the relationship between the artist and the code and how the two are inseparable. 

On the occasion of COMPANIONS OF CODE, the artists will be presenting new series of long form generative art collections resulting from their collaboration between the code and their human input. This exhibition seeks to extend this notion of companionship between the code and the artist and highlight how the two walk hand in hand in the creation of code-generated artworks. ​

ARTISTS: Alexander Grasser, Alexis Andre’, Andreas Gysin, Dist Collective, Helena Sarin, Licia He, Lisa Orth, Luca Ionescu, Makio135, Michael Connolly, Orr Kislev.​

COMPANIONS OF CODE is curated by Micol Ap, founder and CEO of VerticalCrypto Art. 

The exhibition takes place IRL in London at The NFT Gallery and online on VerticalCrypto Art.