Twitter: @crashblossom1



James Bloom (crashblossom) is a London-based crypto artist whose work combines post-conceptual digital abstraction with original innovations in dynamic code. Inspired by the dopamine-triggering colours and movement of computer games and market interfaces, he creates ruptured digital images that examine themes around the fetishization of technology, the splintering of self in digital worlds and the influence of network systems on humans.

Bloom’s dynamic crypto art series BURNER explores the idea of constant impermanence and the disappearance of the current moment due to a constant flow of new information within media and financial networks. His PFP series uses neural networks to reveal the unstable nature of identity in an era where online representations can be reproduced and altered instantaneously.

Bloom’s work appears in many major crypto art collections including The Museum of Crypto Art and has been shown internationally with Sotheby’s New York and Paris, NFT Factory Paris, Art Basel and Next World Dubai.