Fanuel Leul

Twitter: @fanuel_leul_

Instagram: @fanuel_leul



Fanuel Leul is a digital artist who currently lives and works in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Africa. In his artwork, traditional elements are brought to life with contrasting and harmonious compositions of futuristic technology. He would say his distinctive personal style has an Afrofuturistic theme that emanates joy and peace, a way that most of Africa is currently not depicted.

Even though Fanuel Leul has a BFA from Alle School of Fine Arts in Industrial Design and Fine Art, he considers himself a self-taught artist. He has been creating digital artwork for five years now, honing his theme and skills throughout the years. His vision is to re-awaken and inspire other African artists so that they get to tell their stories in their own way.


Get to know Fanuel Leul in an insightful interview about his inspirations, goals and plans for his afrofuturistic art!

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