Jonathan McCabe

Twitter: @a1111ac011d0

Instagram: @mr_jonathanmccabe



Jonathan McCabe is a generative artist living in Canberra, Australia, with his partner Kate and son Redmond. 

He is particularly interested in theories of natural pattern formation and their application to art and design. He is inspired by the work of Alan Turing who hypothesized a process that leads to the spots and stripes seen in the natural world, including zebra and tropical fish stripes, and repeating structures like the vertebrae bones in the spine or the fingers of the hand. He is also influenced by modern theories of how the universe expanded from a tiny size into what we see today, with all its structure at multiple length scales, and how variation and selection in the natural world lead to a multiplicity of wondrous forms.

Though his work is generated using that most human artifact, the digital computer, he sees it as a homage to the natural world in that the processes involved are derived from observation and hypothesis of how the patterns in nature originate.

His education included a Master of Arts (Electronic Art) from the Australian Centre for the Arts and Technology (2000).

His work has been featured online in Wired Magazine, New Scientist, Scientific American, Smithsonian Magazine and the BBC.