Justin Dingwall

Twitter: @justindingwall

Instagram: @justin_dingwall

Website: justindingwall.com


Justin Dingwall is a photographer from Johannesburg driven by a love for the extraordinary and a passion for evoking emotions. His artistic journey encompasses both commercial and contemporary photography. With notable series like "Albus," "Fly by Night," "A Seat at the Table," and “Rerouted” Dingwall's work has gained global recognition and found its place in museums, institutions, and private collections. Represented in Europe, Australia, and Africa, his artistry knows no boundaries.

Dingwall's career began in 2004 after graduating with honors in Photography from the Tswane University of Technology. Since then, his commercial work has been published worldwide, serving renowned clients such as Adobe, MAC Cosmetics, Revlon, Avon, Nike, and more. His talents have earned him prestigious awards, including gold in the Fuji Film Awards and recognition at the International Photography Awards and Tokyo International Foto Awards.

Exhibiting his art across the globe, Dingwall's lens captures his ongoing journey of self-discovery. His imagery transcends language and culture, aiming to elicit personal interpretations and emotional responses from viewers. Through his work, he seeks to connect with others and evoke meaningful experiences.

Justin Dingwall, a visionary photographer, continues to explore the depths of his creative spirit, creating imagery that resonates with simplicity and profound impact.