Kate Daudy

Instagram: Katedaudy

Website: katedaudy.com


Kate Daudy’s work celebrates the joy of human connection and unwavering faith in its potential. Based in London, Daudy works through a variety of media to manifest complex ideas and theories about the universe. She believes in the power of art to translate into visual form emotions and ideas recognisable yet unrealised in everyday life.

Daudy began to explore these questions using a practice inspired by ancient Chinese literati tradition. Installations included city-wide projects in Manchester, New York, and Jordan and a commissioned map of London she produced for Selfridges in 2017.

Communication is at the centre of Daudy’s practice. Based on her travels in the Middle East and Europe, the artist inscribed and embroidered a UNHCR tent with the words of refugees to share their message with people around the world. The piece, ‘Am I my Brother’s Keeper?’ has since been exhibited at venues including St Paul’s Cathedral, London, Manchester Art Gallery, and BIAS Palermo, Italy. It is currently touring cities in Spain, where it has been put on the national curriculum.

Described as possessing ‘an intellectual curiosity which is infectious’ by art historian Dr Rebecca Daniels, Daudy’s practice is based on research and collaboration. During her tenancy as artist-in-residence at the Saatchi Gallery, London, she collaborated with Egyptologists at the University of Oxford to respond to the blockbuster exhibition, Tutankhamun: Treasures of the Golden Pharaoh’. Her accompanying exhibition, ‘It Wasn’t That At All’ (2019-2020), attracted critical acclaim.

Her most recent exhibition, Wonderchaos (Sep – Oct 2021) at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park features her inaugural large-scale sculpture, P O R T A L (2021). The exhibition is in collaboration with Nobel-prize winning scientist, Kostya Novoselov, and fuses disciplines including art, science, philosophy, and language to explore the dual universal concepts of chaos and harmony.