TNG: How does a typical day in the studio look like for you?

LH: A usual day in the studio follows a straightforward routine for me. I tend to maintain a consistent order in how I structure my day.

I usually kick off my day by tackling administrative tasks and/or attending meetings. I find it beneficial to schedule meetings in the earlier part of the day. With those checked off my list, I then delve into the artistic side for the rest of the day. This might involve working on school projects, honing my skills through practice sessions, seeking out inspiration for upcoming projects, or immersing myself in a current project.

TNG: Your digital art reflects your mental and emotional responses to life experiences. How does your creative process help you process and express these emotions, and how has your art evolved over the years in response to different life events?

LH: My art helps me understand my feelings and thoughts better. It's like looking inside myself and discovering things. This process makes me feel better and helps me learn about myself.

Over time, my art has changed as my life has changed. For example , when I'm happy, my art is bright and positive. But when I'm sad or facing challenges, my art becomes more thoughtful, allowing me to process and come to terms with difficult emotions.

TNG: Can you share a pivotal moment or experience that solidified your decision to pursue art as a career, and how has it shaped your artistic journey?

LH: There wasn't a specific moment that made me decide to pursue art as a career. It felt like my life experiences guided me in that direction. Creating art was something I did for myself, and I also began sharing it online. Over time, opportunities started to come my way, and that made me believe I was heading in the right direction for my career. It's been a journey shaped by a series of experiences rather than just one.

TNG: Your work is centered around your identity, serving as a visual diary of sorts. How do you choose which aspects of the human experience to explore in your art, and what kind of messages or themes do you hope to convey through your pieces?

LH: When it comes to choosing what to explore, I often focus on the aspects of the human experience that resonate with me the most. It could be emotions, personal stories, or societal issues that I connect with deeply. The themes I aim to convey through my art vary but usually revolve around universal feelings and ideas. I want my pieces to evoke emotions in others and spark introspection. Often, I touch on topics like self-discovery, resilience, diversity, and human connections. By sharing these themes, I hope to create a sense of relatability and understanding among viewers.

TNG: What draws you to digital art as your primary medium, and how do you believe it enhances your ability to bring your artistic vision to life?

LH: Having a coding background, my love for technology, and a natural enjoyment of drawing led me to embrace digital art as my primary medium. This blending of my passions enables me to seamlessly combine technology and creativity. Digital art combines my passions and skills, giving me the ability to express my artistic journey and interests in experimental ways. It's like a canvas that evolves with my creativity, showcasing both the technology I love and the personal stories I want to share.

TNG: Your artwork has gained recognition from prestigious art institutions like Christie's and Sotheby's. What was it like to see your art receive such acclaim, and how has it impacted your career as an artist?

LH: Seeing my artwork recognized by prestigious art institutions like Christie's and Sotheby's was an incredibly surreal and gratifying experience. This recognition has had a significant impact on my career as an artist. It opened doors to new opportunities, collaborations, and exhibitions that I might not have had access to otherwise. I believe that this recognition has also inspired other African artists. It serves as a testament to the fact that artistic talent knows no boundaries and that African artists can achieve global recognition.

TNG: South Africa has a rich artistic heritage. How has your cultural background and the artistic community in South Africa influenced your artistic style and the themes you choose to explore in your artwork?

LH: My cultural background and the artistic community in South Africa are woven into my identity and have played a significant role in shaping who I am today. The richness of South Africa's culture and art has served as inspiration to convey the authenticity of my life experiences with vulnerability in my work.

TNG: Looking into the future, what are some artistic goals or aspirations you hope to achieve? How do you envision your art evolving and continuing to make an impact on the art world and beyond?

LH: Looking into the future , my artistic goals involve deepening my storytelling, collaborating with artists and more artistic experimentation. I aspire to inspire emerging artists, particularly African artists , to pursue their passions and realize their potential on both local and global stages.