Paulina Almira

Twitter: @paulinaalmira

Instagram: @paulinaalmira


Paulina Almira is a graphic designer, digital illustrator and NFT artist. Her art combines elements of technology, horror fiction, fashion, and the natural world to build bright, playful compositions with retrofuturism as an overarching theme. Her works are almost dream-like, shiny, colourful and unexpected.  Through her visuals, she communicates messages that spark curiosity. Some of the repetitive elements in her art are mirrors, glasses and eyes, with the most dominant one being snakes. The irrationality of her works pushes the viewer to enter a surreal, bizarre, yet wonderful world, beyond one can imagine alone. 

Paulina has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Information Design from Ateneo de Manila University as well as an Associate of Arts and Sciences in Fashion/Apparel Design from Parsons School of Design. She produces new artworks almost every day and is highly enthusiastic about minting them as NFTs.