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Natasha Chomko is a digital artist who mainly focuses on surreal landscape collage art with refined visionary and psychedelic elements. Her work combines snippets of landscapes from all over the globe to demonstrate how interconnected we all truly are. As a lifelong collager, Natasha challenges perception of shapes, colour, and texture to create entirely new universes out of pre-existing photos.  

Natasha picked up collage in 2007 after drawing and painting didn't feel quite right, and always stayed close to the medium. After completing university with a BA in Political Science and working on a political campaign, Natasha felt creatively starved and sought out an outlet, once more turning back to collage. As a self taught artist, she never intended to become a professional artist but now strongly believes in the importance of therapeutic and self taught art. ​

Her fascination with copyright and open sourced content drive her dialogue in the web3 space, and she is committed to asking challenging questions to bridge the gap between art and technology. Today, Natasha continues working in LA and strongly believes in the future of digital art and decentralisation.