Rewind Collective

25 NOVEMBER 2022 - 21 JANUARY 2023

The Rewind Collective vocally addresses the under-presentation of minorities as a digital art collective. Being united in these core values and eager to fight for change by showcasing great and diverse artists in the digital art space, we are delighted to exhibit a variety of the Collectives artwork in our gallery space from the 24th of November onwards.

Being led by predominantly female co-founders, the values mentioned above are reflected in the NFT gallery's mission to bring attention to underrepresented artists and provide a platform for them to exhibit their works. 

While contemporary art history has an increasingly stronger focal point on the female contributors in the art scene, decades of historical oversight still make many invisible in contemporary context. The collection provides the opportunity to view historical figures from all possible angles, blurring the lines between historical accuracy and the fantastical work of fairytales

The collection pays veneration to the accomplishments of historical figures, utilising state-of-the-art technology, to portraying women in a broad variety of backgrounds. The collection’s motif remains constant, while every work contributes a unique perspective and angle to the collection’s overarching theme, simultaneously each work maintains its own characteristics and strength.

 The variety of styles are as diverse as the people portrayed; icons of history, art and fantasy are brought back to life with distinct and detailed facial features in photo as well as in video format. The outstanding details and high resolution portraits, allow the audience to travel back in time, gaining a unique, vivid and insightful glance into the life women that greatly contributed to progression in the fields of art, science and human rights, amongst them Frieda Kahlo, Marie Curie, Angela Davis and Ida B. Wells.