The Digital Canvas

26 January - 9 February 2023

The NFT Gallery in London is showcasing the incredible artistry of Varvara Alay. This exhibition will take you on a journey through Alay’s creative evolution, showcasing her unique perspective and unbridled creativity through a collection of her Angel artworks up until her series of Coin Girl.

​Alay’s artworks are a feast for the senses. Through the use of bold colours and intricate details, Alay creates a world that is both enchanting and mysterious, inviting the viewer to explore the limitless potential of the imagination.

Through these works, Alay challenges traditional notions of femininity and power, reimagining these concepts through a lens that is at once empowering and thought-provoking. The Coin Girl series explores the world of blockchain technology and NFTs through her unique artistic lens. This series is a testament to her adaptability and creativity, with each painting portraying the intricacies of blockchain technology and the way it is transforming the art world.

The NFT Gallery is thrilled to bring Varvara Alay’s art to our patrons, and we hope that this exhibition will inspire you to explore the limitless potential of your own imagination. We invite you to step into Alay’s world and experience the magic and wonder of her art for yourself.