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Justin Dingwall

Fluid Dreams I

Fluid Dreams I

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In the works for "How High the Moon," I am presenting pieces that focus on women and change. Women have always been an inspiration to me. My own mother and grandmother, their aesthetics, their creativity even with a needle and thread, resonate within me.

The power women wield is something I have returned to often. If a portrait depicts a woman dressed in a particular way or playing with an adornment, it’s never about fashion but a story within the image.

In “Fluid Dreams,” I am addressing morphing and change. This relates to transience, whether it be because of age, life, or circumstances. The fluidity of color and movement in the photograph represents how, like water, change is unstoppable. It is ever ongoing. Life in Africa now is one of rapid change. Beyond Africa, in the world at large, because of technology, we are going through a change as great as that of The Industrial Revolution in the 19th Century. These particular works were selected because for me, "How High the Moon" represents aspiration, difficulties today, and the aspirations technology holds for many as a means of escape from them."


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