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Anthony Azekwoh

Queen Idia

Queen Idia

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Queen Idia: The Luminous Legacy" is a powerful portrayal by Anthony Azekwoh of one of Africa's most formidable historical figures. Queen Idia, the mother of Esigie, the Oba of Benin who reigned from 1504 to 1550, was renowned as a warrior queen who helped secure her son's claim to the throne and played an instrumental role in the rise and reign of the Kingdom of Benin. Her image has become a symbol of the power and potential of African womanhood.

In Azekwoh's depiction, Queen Idia's legendary status is exquisitely conveyed. His artistry illuminates her strength, resilience, and strategic acumen, while also imbuing her image with a sense of regal dignity. The painting serves as a tribute to her enduring legacy, both as an influential historical figure and as a beacon of inspiration for generations of African women.

Through the prism of Azekwoh's unique artistic style, Queen Idia is not only a figure from the past but a living embodiment of the powerful narrative of African history, feminine strength, and indomitable spirit. Azekwoh's portrayal encapsulates the essence of Queen Idia, telling a story that transcends time and continues to resonate in the present.

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