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State of emergency 1

State of emergency 1

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It’s a state of Emergency on the wellbeing and health of the populace. A recurring pattern of bad governance has given rise to a series of insecurity plunging a nation into a myriad of problems including invisible ones like decline in wellbeing & mental health.

This cycle of instability has its roots in various factors, including political corruption, lack of accountability, economic disparities, and failure to address the needs of the populace.

While military coups may offer short-term relief from oppressive regimes, they rarely result in sustainable solutions, a vicious cycle can then develop, where each coup leads to new grievances and disillusionment, paving the way for further coups down the line.

To break free from this cycle, a comprehensive approach is required. Only through genuine commitment to democratic principles, transparent governance, and respect for the rule of law can the West African bloc hope to break free from the cycle of military coups and states of emergency, paving the way for a more stable and prosperous future

The governance of a state plays a pivotal role in shaping the mental health and quality of life of its citizens. A state that prioritises equitable access to essential services, education, and a safe environment contributes to positive mental health outcomes. Conversely, poor governance can lead to inequality, insecurity, and diminished well-being. Basic infrastructure also plays a role. In essence, good governance supports citizens' mental health and overall quality of life, while poor governance can have detrimental effects.

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