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Twin Flowers II #1/7

Twin Flowers II #1/7

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The Twin Flowers are part of a series of semi-synthetic flowers that have been cultivated in the secret garden of Sonarpilot. They embody elements of tradition, such as artworks by Georgia O'Keeffe and Andy Warhol. At the same time, their artificial nature foreshadows an uncertain future, deeply impacted by highly disruptive technologies such as artificial intelligence and bioengineering, changing all facets of our society with unprecedented speed.

Each animation comes with a slightly different soundtrack that makes a reference to the longer track that supports the “Six Flowers” by Sonarpilot, a panel that brings together all Twin Flowers in one extended composition. 

Note: The video loop can be stopped at any time to display a single frame, giving the viewer the opportunity to change the artwork continuously.

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