Computational Realism

25 February - 6 March 2023

We present COMPUTATIONAL REALISM in partnership with VerticalCrypto Art. This group exhibition dives deep into the intricacies of Artificial Intelligence and GAN artworks by showcasing eleven international artists working in constant feedback with computer programs. 

On the occasion of COMPUTATIONAL REALISM the artists are presenting new works resulting from their collaborations with AI, GANs and procedural networks. The exhibition seeks to examine what realism means in the age of computers, internet and the rise of digital art in the contemporary art scene. The artists are challenging the notions of what is the role of the artist and their practice and where does their relationship with the AI lead them to discover about their own work. 

ARTISTS: Anne Spalter, Evelyn O, Ganbrood, Gene Kogan, Gordon Berger, Mihai Grecu, Heliodoro Santos, Linda Dounia, Matthew Stone, Memo Akten, Patrick Tresset, Rose Jackson. 

Exhibition takes place in London and New York at The NFT Gallery and online on VerticalCrypto Art.