Lydia Smith

15 DECEMBER 2022 - 21 JANUARY 2023

Lydia Smith's work is a conversation between the digital and the physical worlds.  A three-way dialogue that unfolds from her hands to software and to mind, creating works that are a balanced expression of this relationship. Their complex simplicity serves as a break of consciousness to the viewer. A stop and a pause.

Throughout this dialogue, her mind is imagining our future as beings, both our spiritual and Avatar selves. She believes sculpture is a physicality that grounds us between these two worlds. Sculpture commands space. It forces the air (real or immersive) to move and flow around it.

Smith was trained in academic sculpture at the University of the Arts London (2014-2017). She also continued her training at private ateliers in Greece, Spain and France. Smith began her career working as a modeller and carver within the British and international Film industry (2017-2021).

The leap from Figuration to Abstraction happened when Smith was experimenting with a thirty-minute sketch. She held no expectation of the Work. With her Xbox one Sensor, she Scanned the sketch. What she first thought to be a failure would inspire a new direction, starting with An artefact of Ambiguous Character (2021).