Recollection | AI and Memory

11 APRIL - 13 MAY 2023

We proudly present to you "Recollection - AI and Memory", a show co-curated by Expanded.Art. 

Memories are nebulous. Scientific studies and phenomena such as "The Mandela Effect" have shown that humans rarely recall things in their unbiased exactitude. 

Artificial Intelligence already assists human memory in the form of predictive text and GPS navigation. One would surmise that there exists a role for AI when it comes to supplementing even more complex memory.

In the exhibition RECOLLECTION - AI AND MEMORY, artists explore the idea of further challenging the concreteness of human memory—personal or collective—through creative collaboration with AI.

Featured Artists: Anna Dart, Anne Spalter, Crashblossom, Danielle King, Daria Rastunina, Erika Weitz, Ilya Bliznets, Kika Nicolela, Manuel Rossner, Margaret Murphy, Nathaniel Stern, Nicola Villa, Olga Fedorova, Roope Rainisto, Ross Goodwin, Sabato Visconti, Sasha Stiles, Stephan Vasement, Travis LeRoy Southworth