The place you feel most alive

The place you feel most alive

In keeping with Kim Rose’s creative tradition, this artwork is inspired by the geographic location of the collector's choice. This NFT takes Kim’s usual inspiration one step further and mimics the weather of a geographic location.

For example, on a sunny day, the artwork appears bright and scenic. On a stormy night, however, the artwork appears dark and brooding. Explore a preview of a calm day, calm night, stormy day and stormy night. 

Through years of Kim’s artistic mastery, she’s taken interest in the poetic movement of her wet inks. Kim worked diligently to harness this organic flow, and layers them in digital seamless loops, crafting the perfect marriage of movement and meditation for the NFT. The mesmerizing and grounding nature of her physical pieces has entered the digital world to usher in a new era of Kim Rose Art.

Once the artwork gets collected it will be linked to the geographic location of choice, the place you feel most alive.

(After purchasing the collector will be contacted to understand which geographical location they desire. Once determined, Kim Rose will finalise the artwork and it will be transferred  to the collector.)

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