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Adornment II

Adornment II

Physical work & NFT 

Print on linen 

Black, natural wood frame

145.5cm x 88.5cm


In the works for "How High the Moon," I am presenting pieces that focus on women and change. Women have always been an inspiration to me. My own mother and grandmother, their aesthetics, their creativity even with a needle and thread, resonate within me.

The power women wield is something I have returned to often. If a portrait depicts a woman dressed in a particular way or playing with an adornment, it’s never about fashion but a story within the image.

In “Adornment,” I’m looking not at hats but at the many hats or roles a woman is called upon to perform. The large hat she is wearing represents the weight of all these roles. She is a mother, provider, role model, spiritual guide, and career woman. She is the force that holds the family together and propels it forward. No matter the weight, she holds her head proudly with no complaints.

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