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Jonathan McCabe

NotOrchid #5

NotOrchid #5

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In 1952 Alan Turing wrote a paper titled "The Chemical Basis of Morphogenesis" in which he described a theory of how patterns, such as dots or stripes, can arise in homogeneous systems under certain conditions.

In these generative art works a compressible fluid flow is decorated by a multi-scale Turing pattern, giving spots, stripes and vein patterns. As regions of simulated fluid run into each other, edges are formed by shock waves.

A bilateral symmetry is imposed by reflection and averaging across the center line.

The result is most definitely not an orchid.

These videos explore various ways of coloring the images, bringing out different aspects of the forms.

The colors are remapped by a nonlinear function reminiscent of the "solarisation" technique in photography, where over-exposure results in darker colors.

These works are 100 seconds long video files at 3840 by 2160 pixels and 25 frames per second. Produced in 2023.

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