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Creation Materials: Blood, poison, ink, water

Edition: 1/1

Tech: grows slower and darker over the next 100 years, dies on the last day of the century. For the first 9 months of the new century it turns gold and then repeats the process. 

This art piece portrays life’s transcendence within the embrace of death, which is reflected through a captivating interplay of hues of scarlet. This symbolises the profound beauty that can be found in the cycle of life. “As time passes, this piece grows slow-moving an dim. At the end of 100 years, Orphic dies and turns black for a day. A new cycle begins and Orphic glows gold for 9 months and is reborn, endlessly looping. We may never see the death and birth of this piece, but our surviving generation will”. The collection offers a vivid exploration of the delicate equilibrium between life and death, which can be depicted through the intricate patterns of different hues of red, evoking a sense of harmonious coexistence. The notions of mortality and vitality are explored and captured through the bold use of the artist’s own blood, creating a thought-provoking narrative. They symbolise the profound beauty that can be found in the cycle of life. Engineered by Jack Kasbeer (satoshigoat)

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